• Ludivine Bolot

    Ludivine Bolot is a young and talented designer from Paris.

    She graduated from "l'Ecole Bleue" and she loves designing original and practical products to meet the customers needs.

  • Cédric Dequidt

    Cédric Dequidt is a creator of innovative concepts. Each of his ideas have been developed in to several high end designs. He uses style as an advantage.

  • Benjamin Faure

    Benjamin Faure graduated from "l'école Supérieur d'Art et de Design" in Reims. He first worked in a communication agency and then set up his own design business in his hometown of Lyon.

    Benjamin's work has become very successul, he now collaborates closely with well known high end brands like Ligne Roset and La Corbeille.

  • Margaux Keller

    Margaux Keller is a product designer and interior architect. She trained at Olivier de Serres, Boule school and Starck agency.

    She loves working in partnership with craft people such as cabinet makers, ceramicists and glass-blowers. Her impressive portfolio includes work for international brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Benetton, La Redoute, Roche Bobois.

    Her principle is to make everyday furniture cute, appealing and affordable.

  • Atelier DR

    Romain Desglands graduated from ESAD in Reims in 2011. He has always been passionate by the "object".

    In his childhood he loved to wander around the bric-a-brac markets and antique dealers. A stone carver taught him the taste of materials when he was young.

    After he graduated Romain Desglands founded the Atelier DR which develops a responsible global Design.

    "A workshop that shows a creative approach. It's a space to imagine, think, meditate, contemplate, wander, try to feel and touch, to simply create."

  • Le point D

    "Le point D was founded by two dynamic and passionnate mid-30 year-olds. Both fathers they met at the nursery of their children. They realised quickly they have a lot of shared passions. When they work together, they are very professional but relaxed, dedicated but modest, poised but funny... and they are really likeable/friendly". 
    Sylvie - Product manager

    They are two friends with strong shared valuesbeauty, innovation, authenticity and sharing. Their furniture reflects their values and their premise: approaching the design without complexity, making beauty accessible.

  • Studiolo

    Studiolo is from South-West of France. Represented by Laurène Bourgeron who studied design in l'école des Beaux-arts de Bordeaux. She works in various fields including editing, design, communication & graphic design.

    She is fascinated by the know-how, the materials and the production methods.

  • Dominique Brunet

    Dominique Brunet is a french designer born in Paris. She spent part of her childhood in a house from the 8th century in South of France. This is where she developed a taste to use tools, to handle stone, wood, ceramic or metal and to create jewellery objects and sculptures.

    She trained as a professionnal photographer and opened her own publishing house (Dool).

    She exhibits her creations all around the world (Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo). Her projects are sustainable and she invests in a responsible consumption.

  • Céline Lhuillier

    Recognized “Design new talent” (Paris Design Week, 2015), Céline Lhuillier is fascinated with the story of people and objects.

    She defends simplicity to come up with more accuracy, rigour, with a keen eye for high quality details.

    Thanks to the singular vision she cultivates,  she especially likes the treasures of traditional “savoir-faire” which inspire her to end up with an object that make sense, with a soul and a bit of poetry.

  • Astrid Louchart

    Astrid Louchart comes from Lille, north of France, and started to practice in 2014, right after obtaining her “Global design” master degree at L’Ecole Bleue, Paris.

    Very quickly, she made a name for herself. Nominated at RADO STAR PRIZE, in 2015. This very year, she also successfully presented her lightning TESSE at NOW LE OFF (Paris Design Week).

    She now practices at Rapp&Nogen architecture agency (Paris), handling space design, but she still loves product design.

    She takes her inspiration into origami techniques to create some elegant, unique and functional objects.

  • Julian Langevin

    Graduated from Olivier de Serres, Ecole Boulle (Paris) and ENS of Cachan (France), Julian Langevin works on many fields as product, furniture and interior space design.

    His work aims at, beyond the functional aspect, re-echanting daily life. Distinguished at many prestigious events as CINNA contest (2015 and 2012) or Camif contest (2009)

  • Y’a Pas Le Feu Au Lac

    For "Y'a pas le feu au lac », design is a way to tell stories.

    The brand create useful, friendly and contempory accessories which revisit object that everyone knows.

    Le Point D discovered YPFL at the openning of Le Point D pop up store - the goal was to putting in light designer we follow and we like and who share the same philosophy : beautiful pieces at affordable prices  !

  • Minimum Design

    Minimum Design is a small design workshop specialize in additive manufacturing.

    They work on custom-made and small series production.

    Their wilingness is to give sense to everyday items with a sustainable approach. Design essentially from wood PLA which is a mixture of bioplastic and 100% recyclable and biodegradable wood.

  • Entre Autre

    Entre Autre is a design and innovative workshop - thanks to their pro-active approach they put in light their know how and their world view.

    It’s in placing the user at the core of the project. Entre Autre realizes so many stunning creations.

  • LepointD

    Le Point D made a selection of beautiful and trendy objects ! Those fixtures will perfectly mix to your interior !

    Let your imagination run wild and realize the most original arrangement !

  • Papier Merveille

    Papier Merveille is a french stationery brand driven by Christine Dufaut.

    With a passion for her job, she imagines and design with her team, a colorful and top range stationery.

    Her products are 95% ecologic and made in France and Europe.

    Recently, this brand has developed new products including pocket mirrors offered by Le point D.

  • HARU

    HARU was born under the artistic leading of japanise graphist Spread in order to combine hight-tech know how and contemporary aesthetic.

    HARU it’s 48 colors applied on japanese Washi paper.

    The Washi references to the traditionnal  Japanese paper made from plants (the Kozo).

    It can also be applied on plastic (PET). This paper is extremely resistant thanks to its interlaced fibre.  

  • E.Marin / D.Reynaud

    Estelle Marin obtained a master in creation, design and product design, completed by a year in design research.

    Specializing in wine label design, she also handles the art of contemporary furniture design.

    Graduated in product design, Damien Reynaud is a designer who draw its inspiration in very different univers, furniture designer for Lafuma or chocolat designer for Valrhona (a french chocolate factory).

    He loves think about the way we use and we appropriate objects which surround us. Damien is always researching a trick which can give elevation to its drawings.

  • Pikaplant

    This is why we create products that make it easy to care for plants.

    Our aim is to make plant-keeping so easy that it becomes accessible to all.

    An environment rich in plants makes people more creative, more productive, and reduces stress. The connection with nature is a basic human need and we are convinced that we are all plant lovers.

    Pikaplant is an international design label based in Amsterdam.

  • Paprcuts

    Paprcuts has been making a range of accessories from the hi-tech material Tyvek® for over four years now. Tyvek® has the feel of paper.

    It's light as a feather, mechanically recyclable, yet completely waterproof and water resistant.
    Producing regionally simply works, avoiding those lousy working conditions we so often hear about in countries where cheap labor is easily exploited.

    We are a young and international team of crazy, creative, loud and quiet, big and small, feminine and masculine individuals. We usually communicate with words, but sometimes also with hands, feet, morse code, smoke signals, air kisses and expressive dances.

    All with one vision: to make the world a bit more colorful, but in a sustainable way!

  • Flow

    A Dutch brand, which creates products to make you smile.

  • Atelier Pierre

    The brand claims its status as a "family business" and has built a platform for young Belgian designers, who have the chance to create their first collection under the name Atelier Pierre.

    Natural products, especially wood, show the philosophy of this brand.

  • Spring Copenhagen

    Spring Copenhagen is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition and create simple, unique, functional and beautiful interior design.

    Their passion for design drives them to find and represent products that has the ability to grow into new classics, are timeless and inspire people around the world to a better everyday life.

  • Presse Citron

    Presse Citron combines the simplicity of lacquered metal with the utility of refined objects. Presse Citron offers original and design creations with a quality finish, all made in France. All objects are assembled and finalized with care by these extraordinary designers and their partners.

    The design objects of Presse Citron are contemporary without being dated. They carry an assertive and modern style for interior decoration. Presse Citron offers design and multiple possibilities of original storage. These uniquely styled objects such as wall shelves or coat hooks that create a frame for the objects they contain are decorative for the walls and are timeless.

  • Doiy

    DOIY gives life to objects. The brand uses design to create objects with a story. These little jewels full of creativity are intended to make our daily life happy. Every DOIY product has been considered and should be used as well as admired. To be able to share, but also to possess. It doesn't matter where you are, whether you're on vacation, enjoying a rainy day at home, working hard, or celebrating with friends and family. DOIY creates products that not only release emotions, but also fill everyday life with poetry and entertainment. The philosophy at DOIY revolves around a circle in which form and function are linked. An essential element is added to this mixture, namely emotion!

  • Creative Cables

    Creative-Cables offers the possibility to create your own lights! Our DNA: always offer unique lighting solutions for our customers!

    You can create your own compositions based on products to assemble or select ready-to-use products.

    It's your turn.

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