By Pikaplant

Pikaplant jar is an interpretation of a sealed terrarium.

Plant: Coffea
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This plant is amazing!

Pikaplant Jars are living houseplants that you never need to water.

The plants are sealed in a glass jar placed upside down. This means that the water inside stays inside the jar, and the plant continuously recycles the water it has. Just place your self-sustaining plant in a place where it feels good, and admire it !

It only needs a little light and a lot of love !

Each plant is selected by hand. Before placing it in the jar, we give them the resources necessary to create a well-balanced ecosystem.

The lifespan of each plant is different, but the original Pikaplant Jar have been flourishing happily for over 4 years without opening.

You can select 2 models of plants :

Coffea Jar: Coffea Arabica is a native tropical plant that grows in the Ethiopian highlands. The plants are grown in the Netherlands, in accordance with the standards for sustainable horticulture at an internationally recognized horticulturist who has acquired MPS-A certification.

Jar Calathea ornata: Calathea is a native plant native to the Amazonian forest. These plants are grown in the Netherlands, following the guidelines for sustainable horticulture MPS-GAP and GAP.

« Greener living is better living »

C’est en suivant cette maxime que Pikaplant crée des produits qui simplifient l’entretien des plantes.

Leur but est de rendre l’entretien des plantes si simple qu’il en devient accessible à tous.

Un environnement riche en plantes rend les gens plus créatifs, plus productifs, et réduit le stress. La connexion avec la nature est un besoin humain basique et nous sommes convaincus que nous sommes tous des amoureux des plantes.

Pikaplant est un label de design international basé à Amsterdam.

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