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Two 30 something friends with a mutual affection for design, art, creating & a vision for a certain way of life.

Most importantly they share an entrepreneurial spirit and have complementing strengths, a perfect relationship for their business idea and concept.

After months of analying, calculating, budgeting, drawing, starting again, tweaking & polishing, eventually the pair were ready to present a unique idea: Le point D!

From Margaux Keller to Philippe Cramer, the palette of designers with whom we collaborate provides the proof. We are interested in both young people and more established creators. We seek above all to remain open and not to take ourselves seriously !

However we go straight to the point, and seek above all the beautiful, the contemporary, the design and the modular ... all characteristics that perfectly define our offer.


« Our willingness is to break the image of the design too fixed, elitist and stuck ! »


Nothing better than a quick video to introduce ourself (it is in French :-)):

Le point D introduction

Xavier Daublain and Damien Sanoner - Le point D

Team "Le point D" : Xavier Daublain & Damien Sanoner