By Le point D

Cubik: loving ultra-soft sofa! 9 elements for infinite possibilities, compose your sofa according to your preference.

Leather style: Preston 100
Velvet: Orinoco 23
Length: L 2.90m

Thanks to its 9 elements, you are making the layout of Cubik that suits you!

Create your sofa according to your needs (seat number, function…) and your homes constraints. All compositions are possible and they will all be with maximum comfort.

Choose the layout of your independent units: you can align them together or use them as a pouffe or footstool.

Create your own colour atmosphere within a choice of 24 colours!

"Design without complexity: unique stylish products at affordable prices!"

« Le point D, ce sont 2 trentenaires qui amènent une nouvelle dynamique à un parcours professionnel déjà bien accompli. Comme ce sont des papas investis, le destin a eu la brillante idée de les faire se rencontrer à la crèche (commune) de leurs enfants (respectifs). A les voir travailler ensemble, leur rencontre semble juste une évidence : à la fois très professionnels mais décontractés, investis mais modestes, posés mais drôles … Et comme ils sont trop sympathiques, ce n’est même pas énervant ! »
Sylvie – Responsable Produits  

Au-delà de leur amitié, ils partagent des valeurs communes fortes : le goût des belles choses, l’innovation, l’authenticité et le partage. Ils créent donc des produits à leur image, basés sur leurs postulats : aborder le design de manière décomplexée et rendre le beau accessible.

Descriptif du produit
Eléments techniques
When will I be delivered?

Le Point D offers customizable products (colors, materials ...) to make a unique product! Also you will have to wait a few weeks but we are convinced that it is worth it! We do not have stock and your product will be launched in manufacturing the day of your order.

Delivery time is 6 weeks: this includes manufacturing time, quality control and delivery to your home.

Once your order has been placed, we will send you various emails informing you of the progress of your order. From its manufacture until its imminent delivery. In short, we will not leave us! You can also access these elements from your customer area on our site, section "History and details of my orders".

How much will be the cost for the delivery ?

For each product, we indicate the amount of the shipping costs when placing the order. These are calculated according to the country of delivery, the chosen service and the weight of the products ordered.

Standard delivery is delivery to your home, doorstep or down the building. You can also pick up your product directly at our warehouse in Valence (France - 26, Drôme)

For heavy products, a Premium delivery service is offered to deliver you to the floor if you live in an apartment or to plan a specific delivery time.

The carrier (GLS for parcels <30kg and Kuehne Nagel for parcels> 30Kg) will contact you directly by phone, to agree on the date and the time slot that suits you the best for the reception of your product.

And how are the packaging and the shipping going ?

Le Point D performs a rigorous quality control of your product before shipping to your home. In order to deliver a product that meets your expectations and requirements, each product will be packaged in a wooden box or a double flute cardboard box to resist shocks during transport. Beforehand, the product is packed in douffine or bubble to effectively protect the materials. The products are delivered assembled (with the exception of the legs on some products).

Upon receipt of your package, you are entitled to refuse delivery if you consider that the product has suffered damage during transport. No additional fees will be asked.

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"We are completely free in our purchase, whether for the number of seats or for colors. We loved customizing our sofa. It's a unique experience, and above all, it's really really comfortable."


"I was looking for a sofa created by a designer at affordable price to receive my customers at the office. And they love this friendly space!"


"Very comfortable and usefull with the hoocker that is also used as a pouf"